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The event "Italia Unita per la corretta informazione scientifica" was born from some people near to or members of Pro-Test Italia. The event aims to face the huge number of issues regarding scientific information in Italy. Recent episodes like the stem cells' affaire and the occupation of Milan's animal house strengthened the urgency of building a dialogue between researchers, universities, mass media and people.

Every day emotivity is given even more space on the media while less and less space is reserved to scientifical accuracy. If it is true that the human and ethical aspect of an issue is never to be ignored, it is fundamental not to exclude the scientific side. So, the aim of this event is to open a dialogue about scientific themes that will be relevant to the future of our Country, so that the scientifical aspect would be a major actor and not just a voice in the crowd.
Code by Lorenzo Rossi, Gianluca Colombo Graphics by Stefano Torregrossa